ASLOK II - Mark Nixon takes Grofaz Crown, 141 Scenarios played...
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  1987 ASLOK Archives

1987 Tournament Winners
The Grofaz Top Trio


Name W/L Home
1st Mark Nixon
9-1 OH
2nd Daryl Burk
8-1 OH
3rd Ray Woloszyn
6-1 NC

  • Honorable Mention:  George Sedivy - only ASLOKer to beat Mark Nixon.
  • Private ROTTENROLLER:  Larry Winslow - 30+ Boxcars
  • Highest ROF:  David Thalheimer - 8 shots ended for lack of surviving targets.
  • Partisan! Scenario Art Matching Contest:  Eric Baker  [Contest run by Charlie Kibler]

Special thanks to Kevin Meyer for unearthing some old ASLOK flyers.


Fish's original recap from the 1988 Flyer:  here.

Scenarios played at ASLOK '87:

1987 ASLOK Scenario Results

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