Join the hundreds of ASLers who's attendance has made ASLOK the place to be for ASL!
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What is ASLOK?

ASLOK is the player's fest, a week long celebration of all things ASL.  ASLers are encouraged to play whatever makes them happy whether it be open gaming or one of the scheduled events during ASLOK week.  ASLOK is for all ASLers, from the most experienced grognard to the newbie that just picked up the ASL Starter Kit.  What might an ASLOK newbies experience  be like?

ASLOK Agenda

  • FRIDAY PRIOR:  The first players roll into the hotel.  A game or two of World Cup play tends to happen and "Roaming ASL Gnome" Wild Bill is available to play any early arrivals.  Contact Bret Hildebran to arrange a game versus a local such as Wild Bill.
  • SATURDAY PRIOR:  The very early arrivals roll in.  The Skyline Ballroom which is the main gaming room on the 6th floor of the new hotel will be available as the rally point for early World Cup/Open gaming.  Contact Bret Hildebran for early gunning.
  • OPENING SUNDAY-TUESDAY: Early arrivals roll in.  ALL play starting with Sunday is in the Skyline Ballroom on the 6th floor of the new hotel.  Open play and USA vs WORLD CUP on Sunday (and earlier), Monday and Tuesday.  If arriving at the hotel before Sunday, contact Bret Hildebran ( for early gunning.  That will allow the early local scouts to know when/where to find you for early play.  Also Don't miss the Annual ASLOK picnic hosted by Dave Ginnard Sunday evening as well.  The picnic promises good grilling, good company & typically some exotic Swedish alcohol.  Newer players should be sure to sign up for MANEUVERS slated for sometime Tuesday (and Friday) based on need.
  • WEDNESDAY: At 8:00 AM, "Mark Nixon" MINI tournament action begins.  Wednesday "Mark Nixon" MINIs begin at 8:00 AM sharp and do NOT apply towards GROFAZ [EXC: Godzilla King of the Monsters finalists will start Grofaz 2-0 as that mini will finish on Thursday].   Plenty of OPEN action is also available.  Pre-register for the minis you prefer and do make sure to be there promptly at 8:00 AM.  Also note the 2PM time limit for round 1 minis returns [EXC: Godzilla King of the Monsters] which will be strictly enforced - all players exceeding the time limit will be eliminated, so do not delay in finishing round 1.  You DO NOT want to be the first ASLer to be DQ'd due to slow play in an ASLOK mini...
  • THURSDAY: At 8:00 AM gunning begins in GROFAZ and Thursday THEME events where MINI-Tournaments all began. OPEN play continues. Wed. "Mark Nixon" MINI-Tournament winners awarded around 6:00 PM. GROFAZ 2-0 contenders can sign-up for GROFAZ FRIDAY MINI!!!!!
  •  FRIDAY: GROFAZ and OPEN gaming continue. Friday "Mark Nixon" MINIs and GROFAZ MINIs kick-off promptly at 8:00 AM. Awards presented to  Thursday THEME Tournament winners around 6:00 PM.  Newer players can sign up for MANEUVERS for a grognard tutorial on any rules that may be ailing them.  Miss the minis or get bumped early, look to sign-up for the "Bonus Mini" from the brand new CX Map Pack starting as we can pair from ~10 to 12...
  • SATURDAY: More GROFAZ and OPEN gaming. At 8:00 AM more "Mark Nixon" MINI-Tournaments kick-off.  Awards made to Friday "Mark Nixon" MINI-Tournament winners around 6:00 PM.  ASL Starter Kit mini kicks off for the first time.
  • FINAL SUNDAY: GROFAZ and OPEN gaming surge onward. Add-on MINI-Tournaments start at 8:00 AM, interest allowing. Awards presented to Saturday "Mark Nixon" MINI-Tournament winners at about 2:00 PM. Awards presented to GROFAZ winner, runner-up and other top finishers sometime, probably very late Sunday or early Monday morning.  Congrat-'yawn'-lations guys! 
  • MONDAY: GROFAZ and OPEN gaming wrap-up. All out of the arena before noon.  Catch the ASLOK going away breakfast for the late departures Monday morning.  Many thanks, happy trails, see you next year for the next ASLOK!  Already scheduled for Columbus Day Weekend back at the Holiday Inn Airport once again...

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