Congratulations to ASLOK XXI Grofaz Champion Bob Bendis!
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  ASLOK Archives 1997

Grofaz 1997

Place Name Record Opponent's Record
1st Mike McGrath 8-0 33-2
2nd Louie Tokarz 7-1 24-4
3rd Bob Bendis 7-1 22-5
4th Steve Pleva 6-2 30-3
5th Joe Waldron 6-2 26-1 (Lost to Pleva)
6th Doug Creutz 6-2 22-5
7th John McDiarmid 6-2 20-6
8th Scott Drane 6-2 22-12
9th J.R. Tracy 5-2 19-4
10th Tim Wilson 5-2 18-6
11th Bret Hildebran 5-3 25-8

It is my pleasure to congratulate Mike McGrath for yet another ASLOK victory. The guy has a thing for ASLOK. It cannot be denied. Way to go Mike! Will somebody please come in here and knock this guy off in 1998? (YUK-YUK!)

Tokarz and Pleva once again do very well at ASLOK and Bendis makes his first ASLOK move into the top ranks. Some obvious implications comparing AREA Ratings and the top ASLOK finishers could be made, but why dwell on the obvious?

Joe Waldron earns a hero's award for playing all undefeated players except for Pleva (6-1 when they played), for losing only to Pleva and McGrath, for handing McDiarmid one of his two losses and Tokarz his only loss.

Okay, I gotta admit my original plan was to list the top 15 ranks for ASLOK 1997 as in 1996, but I just couldn't figure it all out. Some of the records get a bit tough to decipher since, after all, who really cares a whole lot about a 12th place finish?    So after a few losses some of the PIS (Personal Information Sheet) sheets become a bit less  than complete.  No big deal.  Another influential factor was hat once I realized Timbo had managed to weasle his way to the 10th spot, I feared the whole kaboodel was subject to some serious worry (HAR-HAR!!).

There are PIS for 1997 which list as many as 15 games played and I know for a fact a few guys who did not hand in their PIS were well over the 15 game line (Angrisani, where is your PIS??) Is anyone ever going to challenge my own ASLOK record 26 games played at ASLOK 1993? (Not that anyone really cares.) As near as I can tell from the PIS handed in, Philip Manoff won the (un) award for most games played with his reported 19 games.

Best post-game comments from ASLOK 1997: Ed Angleton- after a sub-par ASLOK, "It still beats working! "
Mike McGrath- after With Flame And Shell vs Rob Banozic, "Bloodbath, CC SUCKS!"
Louie Tokarz- "Third straight Italian win." [Yes, Louie won three time straight with Italians...Castello Fatato, Italian Bros, and Birdge To Nowhere.]

Joe Waldron- "During I turn, 7 sniper 1's", resulting in 7 broken squads and one KIA'D leader." [To Joe's benefit vs. Ed Zeman.]
John McDiarmid- "Too many Russians!"
Ernie Bartis- "Too many SS dudes!"
Jeff Coyle- "Goddamnd Italians!" [vs. Tokarz's lads in Italian Bros.) and in another game with... "Had him like a cheap whore!"
Ken Daughety- "Read VC..... Dumb Ass!"
Bruce Gelinas- "Got spanked." [Bruce also left a very kind message on the back of his PIS; greatly appreciated by Wild Bill and me.)
Dave Ginnard- "Lots of 12's, lots of pain."
P.J. Norton- "King Tiger is a lucky bastard."
Doug Powers- "Boxcars Mr. Rico, Zillions of them!" and next game... "Snake-eyes Mr. Rico, zillions of them!"
Jim Risher- "Brits die early and often."
Luis Rodriguez- "3 turn hose; worst dice of my life."
Malcolm Rutledge- "Remember, don't throw away the HT's." and next game.... ""Remember to leave a squad back to load into the HT's."
Doug Sheppard- "I pounded him and it felt good!"
Ross Sutton- "Rolled him like a cheap hooker!"
Steve Tinsley- "I know the Brits can win!"
Mark Turner- "No smoke = death assault."

So I guess the message is that if you want to get mentioned for ASLOK 1998. either finish high in GROFAZ or a MINI-TOURNAMENT or write some easily quotable after-game phrase.
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1997 Mini-Tournament Winners


East Front #1 Bob Dyer
1939 Ernie Bartis
Paratroops Phil Petry
TOT/KE Scott Romanowski
CH #1 Jim Cmelak
Pacific #1 Aaron Cleavin
Mediterranean Dave Angrisani
ROUT Russ Bunten
1940 Bruno Nitrosso
1945 Tom Cvetinovich
Deluxe Malcolm Rutledge
General "A-Z" Scott Drane
Stalingrad Larry Wheeler
CH #2 James Taylor or Michael Klautky
Night Louie Tokarz
General "T" Mike Zeiments
Sgt. Shelling Mike Danial
Shellshocked Shelling Bob Bendis


1942 Jackson Keddell
General "G" Series Scott Romanowski
Red Barricades Jason Eickman
Shelling's Maurauders Jeff Wasserman
Pacific #2 Jim Cmelak
Tanks Only Ernie Bartis
1943 David Lamb
CH #3 Bob Callen
TOT/KE #2 Mark DeVries


NW Europe Bill Cirillo
Wrongway Shelling David Schofield
Desert James Serafin
1944 Eric Johnson
1941 Michael Rhodes
KGP Pat Norton or Pete Mudge
East Front #2 Jackson Keddell
CH #3 Russ Curry
Shorties Tony Sella

The two ties (Taylor or Klautky in CH #2 and Norton or Mudge in KGP) were both between players from Michigan who, in typical Wolverine fashion, figured anytime they could get out of Ohio with any kind of a win, even a shared win, they would take the money and the plaque and run. It is seriously doubtful whether either of these two final games were ever played once across the state line and into Michigan, since all the players who actually knew how to play the game, being Buckeyes, were still in Ohio.

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