Congratulations to ASLOK XXI Grofaz Champion Bob Bendis!
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ASLOK Archives 2003

Congratulations to the Winners of the Weekend Tournament (Grofaz) and the Mini-Tournaments on Wednesday through Saturday. The Internationals really owned ASLOK this year - winning Grofaz, USA vs World Cup, and quite a few mini-tournaments.

First Place: Aaron Cleavin
Second Place: Lars Thuring
Third Place: Steve Pleva
Fourth Place: Christopher Spell

Theme Winner
Squad Leader Classics: Paul Haseler
Horse Play: David Longworth
Fightin' Finns: Lars Thuring
Land War in Asia: Hennie van der Salm
The Russians Are Coming: Michael Hastrup-Leth
War Dogs: Wes Vaughn

Theme Winner
Night: Randy Rossi
Deluxe: James Taylor
Pacific I: Tom Cvetinovich
Paper Tigers: Michael Hastrup-Leth
Twilight of the Reich: Neil Stanhagen
Wrongway Invitational: Mart Snow
Operation!: Roger Walker
Battling the Bulge: Steve Pleva
Pacific II: Aaron Cleavin
Deluxe II: Rich Jenulis
Battling the Bulge II: Michael Black

Theme Winner
Gurkha Madness: Burnie Fox
Schwerpunkt #9 I: Bill Cirillo
Freedom Fries I: Steve Flicker
Combat by Carrier: Neil Stanhagen
Out of the Attic: James Taylor
Big Cat Diary I: Toby Pilling
Big Cat Diary II: Anthony Flanagan
Freedom Fries II: Chris Garrett
Schwerpunkt #9 II: Wes Vaughn

Theme Winner
The Emperor's Finest: Klas Malstrom
Heavy Weather: David Lamb
Pete's Publish or Perish Playtest: Chas Argent
Enemy at the Gates I: Chad Cummins
Normandy Days: Peter Rogneholt
Blitzkrieg: Wes Vaughn
Enemy at the Gates II: Steve Dennis

USA vs World Cup
(A new annual event )
Winning Record: World 19-17
World MVP: Peter Rogneholt
US MVP: Chas Argent

Mini Scenario List

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