Congratulations to ASLOK XXI Grofaz Champion Bob Bendis!
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ASLOK Archives 2004

Congratulations to the Winners of the Weekend Tournament (Grofaz) and the Mini-Tournaments on Wednesday through Sunday.

First Place: Steve Pleva
Second Place: Wes Vaughn
Third Place: Christopher Spell
Fourth Place: J.R. Tracy

Theme Winner
Oldies But Goodies: John Stadick
They Came From Above: Barry Smith
Dancin' In the Desert: Scott Holst
Tincans & Popguns: Aaron Cleavin
Island Hoppin': Herman Frettlof
Winter Wonderland: Phillippe Briaux

Theme Winner
Night: Chuck Payne
Paper Tigers: John Stadick
Fading Into Bolivia: Mark Walz
Buckeye's Best: John McDiarmid
Twilight of the Reich: Steve Pleva
King of the Jungle: Peter Strurjf
The Crazy '88's: Kurt Kurtz
Twilight of the Reich #2: Bob Bendis

Theme Winner
Stormtrooper Follies (Grofaz mini): Wes Vaughn
Banzai!: Steven Linton
Heavy Metal: Herman Frettlohf
Stiff Upper Lip: Neil Stanhagen
Freeing the French: Phillippe Briaux
Schwerpunkt #10: Dave Lamb
Journalistic Integrity: Dave Angrisani

Theme Winner
Mother Russia: Herman Frettlohf
Heavy Weather: David Goldman
10-2 (or Better) Good Buddy: Russ Curry
Spitting Into the Wind: Steve Tinsley
Pete's Publish or Perish Playtest: NA
For the Emperor: Darryl Lundy


Theme Winner
Heavy Metal II: Steve Linton

USA vs World Cup

Winning Record: World 21 to US 17
World MVP: Steve Linton
US MVP: Mark Pitcavage

Mini Scenario Lists

Pics of the 2004 World Cup Victory Tour

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