Congratulations to ASLOK XX Grofaz Champion J.R. Tracy!
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  ASLOK Archives 2005 - ASLOK XX

Congrats to ASLOK XX Grofaz Champ JR Tracy and all the other World Cup and "Mark Nixon" Mini-Tournament winners!

First Place: J.R. Tracy (7-0) [NY]
Second Place: Michael Hastrup-Leth (6-1) [Denmark]
Third Place: Darryl Lundy (6-1) [New Zealand]
Fourth Place: Steve Pleva (5-2) [CT]
Fifth Place: Steve Dennis (5-1) [MI]
Sixth Place: Bob Bendis (5-1) [IL]


USA vs World Cup

Overall: World 45 to US 38

World MVP: Robert Maglica (6-0)
US MVP: Paul Sidhu (4-1)

Wednesday "Mark Nixon" Minis
Theme Winner
Orange County Choppers: John Stadick
Crete & Barrel: Rob Seulowitz
Take That Bridge!: Wes Vaughn
Take That Bridge! #2: Rich Domovic
Colonel Klink: Ray Woloszyn
Mini Me: Stan Jackson
        Bunker Busting:

Paul Sidhu

                                                    Team Wrongway:

Steve Flicker, Jean-Pascal Paoli & Murray McCloskey

Thursday Theme Tourneys
Theme Winner
Night: Klas Malmstrom
Masters of the Monster Hexes: Phillippe Briaux
Samurai of the Rising Sun: Dave Ginnard
Battle for the Boot: John Stadick
From Russia With Love: Paul Sidhu
Fading into Bolivia: Pete Mudge
Flame On! Sponsored by Zippo: Neil Stanhagen
Smoke 'em, If you Got 'em: Gary Trezza
Battle for the Boot #2: Jim Taylor
Masters of the Monster Hexes #2: Steve Dennis
From Russia With Love #2: 

 Smoke 'em, If you Got 'em #2:

 Melvin Falk


 Darryl Lundy

Friday "Mark Nixon" Mnis
Theme Winner
Best of the Best (Grofaz mini): Michael Hastrup-Leth
Hall of Famers (Grofaz mini):  Steve Dennis
Mortar Mayhem: John Stadick
Schwerpunkt 11: Doug Kirk
HIPsters & Cool Cats: Wes Vaughn
Hand-to-Hand: Dave Lamb
Viva Le Resistance!: Ray Woloszyn
Bypassing Maginot: Phillip Briaux
 Schwerpunkt 11 - #2 Neil Dennis

Theme Winner
Bocage Busting: Ray Woloszyn
Pete's Publish or Perish Playtest: Randy Rossi
King of the Jungle: Klas Malmstrom
Devil Squads: Michael Black
The Tipping Point: Matt Book
Purple Rain: Steve Anderson

Devil Squads #2:

Bill Cirillo

 The Tipping Point #2:

Neil Dennis

 Few Returned:

David Goldman 

Mini Scenario Lists

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