Join ASLOK XXI Grofaz Champion Bob Bendis & 121 other ASLers for ASLOK XXII!
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Thanks to all ASLOK XXI attendees...

Congratulations to Bob Bendis for winning the Grofaz and all the other ASLers who placed in the Grofaz and/or won minis!

First Place: Bob Bendis (7-0) [IL]
Second Place: Steve Pleva (6-1) [CT]
Third Place: Wes Vaughn (5-1) [AK]
Fourth Place: Dave Reenstra (5-1) [GA]
Fifth Place: Doug Sheppard (5-1) [NC]
Sixth Place: Steve Linton (5-1) [Australia]
USA vs World Cup
Overall: World 35 to US 16
World MVP: Steve Linton (9-1)
US MVP: Stan Jackson (3-1)
Wednesday "Mark Nixon" Minis
Theme Winner
Chinese Checkers: Peter Strujif
Belgian Waffles: Roger Whelan & Steven Flicker (tie)
Der Commisar's In Town: Mattias Ronnblom
Biathlon: Joe Markham
Schwerpunkt's Greatest Hits: Jason Eickmann
For Your Tomorrows: Hennie van der Salm
Schwerpunkt's Greatest Hits #2: Doug Smith
Thursday Theme Tourneys
Theme Winner
Night: Wes Vaughn
Deluxe: Peter Strujif
Pacific: Doug Sheppard
White Whale of ASL (AOO): Hennie van der Salm
Fighting for the Fatherland: Rob Banozic
CandyGram!: Craig Houliston
Sherman's March: Steve Pleva
Bigger is Better: Jim Taylor
White Whale of ASL #2: David Lamb
Fighting for the Fatherland #2: Bob Bendis
Friday "Mark Nixon" Minis
Theme Winner
Best of the Best (Grofaz mini): Steve Pleva
The Tipping Point (Grofaz mini):  Wes Vaughn
Dutch Shoes: Randy Rossi
Schwerpunkt 12: Chris Garrett
Wittman Sampler: Russ Hall
Semper Fi: Paul Sidhu
I Need a Hero!: Steve Dennis
Radio Ga Ga: Al Kirkpatrick
Festung Budapest: Bill Stoppel
 Schwerpunkt 12 - #2: Bill Cirillo
Dezign Pak: Mark Pitcavage
Theme Winner
The Emperor's Finest: Hennie van der Salm
Pete's Publish or Perish Playtest: Bill Cirillo
Here's Mud in Your Eye!: Stan Jackson
Jumbo Jets: Paul Sidhu
LL Guns: Matt Book
Industrial Revolution: Steve Linton

Industrial Revolution #2:

Alan Saltzman

Critical Hit Hero Pax:

Fred Schwarz

Mini Scenario Lists


First, thanks to everyone who attended ASLOK XXI. It's the ASLers from all over the world that descend on Cleveland the first week of October every year which makes ASLOK such a special event. Second let me thank all the folks that produce new ASL product and show up at ASLOK to sell it, particularly those that debut product at ASLOK each year. ASLOK 2006 saw ~50 new scenarios make their debut at the tourney which is a mind boggling total. Finally, thanks to everyone who stayed in the ASLOK hotel - as many of you are aware the convention space is made possible by the number of rooms we book at the hotel during ASLOK week, your support in staying at the hotel is appreciated.

Monday Update:

A quick ASLOK update...

Total head count is already up to 114 w/32 of those already putting in an appearance as of Monday night. We had around 18 in as of Saturday night w/nearly all of those having played at least 1 game by Saturday.

World Cup play is in full swing w/World players being in high demand. I believe the count was 18-8 World as of around 10PM, but there were 6 games outstanding as of tonight - either ongoing or ones that hadn't officially reported to our official World Cup Scorekeeper, Hennie van der Salm. Once again US hopes seem slim, but some of the American "big guns" like Randy Rossi & Wes Vaughn just arrived today and have yet to record an official cup game (i.e. hope springs eternal).

Steve Linton is the prohibitive favorite for World MVP in the early running, although Jason Eickmann finally stopped his win streak this evening & Wild Bill was trying to prolong the losing streak in the PTO tonight as they exchanged ridiculous MG ROFs.

On the Sales front - Friendly Fire 2, Break Contact, Mark Pitcavage's Scenario Design Guide & a Le Franc Tireur Yugoslavia pack are up for grabs and selling well.

Personally I've managed 3 games so far, although none in World Cup action - Maczek Fire Brigade, Cibik's Ridge & Prussia in Flames. Already half my total for last year, which is a good thing...

It's not to late to partake in the ASLOK festivities this year - six more days of fun and gunnin' to go...Time for an ASL Road Trip...

Wednesday Update:

62 have arrived by Wednesday morning. 7 minis have kicked off with nearly the entire field partaking. A few open games going on including a monster showdown of “Beast at Bay” from KGP between Alan Saltzman & Jeff DeYoung. Playing on Jeff’s “3-D mapboards” it’s certainly a sight to behold as German 120’s engage American 90L’s at 30 hexes.

World Cup play ended Tuesday night and it truly remains the “World Cup” as the World’s dominance extends to 4 years. World 35 – US 16. Steve Linton was the World MVP posting a dominant 9-1 record vs. his hapless American opposition. Only Jason Eickmann was able to slow the rampaging Aussie during World Cup play. Mattias Ronnblom of Sweden was the World runner-up posting a sterling 8-1 mark. Stan Jackson garnered US MVP honors with a solid 3-1 record. Next year we may need to lay odds on games to give the US a chance. +19 was the biggest spread of any of the 4 years of World Cup action & the 2nd most games played in the 4 years.  In addition to the MVP plaque, Steve Linton took the "US vs. World Cup" back to Australia again - presumably to repeat the 2004 World Cup Tour.

78 in by 6PM and that presumes I haven’t missed anyone. The minis are heating up, but only 2 final pairings are set. Hennie van der Salm is dueling Randy Glesing in the “For Your Tomorrrows” Kohima playtest mini and Mark Maynard is battling Doug Smith in “Schwerpunkt’s Greatest Hits” 2nd run.  Schwerpunkt has arrived to much rejoicing. The typical SP mag and the new “Rally Point” pack look good, plus the special Schwerpunkt dice are a hit…

Evan is threatening to stage an all-female ASL battle royale - an ASLOK first - between the significant others of SP North vs. South...

Wednesday "Mark Nixon" Mini Results

  • Chinese Checkers – Peter Strujif knocks off Doug Sheppard in WCW10 Stand & Die.
  • Belgian Waffles – Roger Whelan & Steven Flicker TIE – in a blatant attempt to make the TD look bad, Roger & Steve play “Meeting of Patrols” which has the bizarre VC provision allowing for a tie to occur (an oversight I didn’t realize when choosing the scenario having never played it & not realizing anyone would craft such a poor VC). Roger & Steve managed to end in a 1 CVP apiece tie (oddly enough the snakes that inflicted the CVP also triggered the SAN that gave Roger his lone CVP to keep the game tied throughout). After going over possible solutions like making them replay the action or just declaring “Plaques are for winners” and moving on, they volunteered to take the tie w/one garnering the $10 and the other the plaque.
  • For Your Tomorrows (Kohima) Playtest – Hennie van der Salm overcame Randy Glesing in the final.
  • Der Commisar’s in Town – Mattias Ronnblom beat Neil Dennis in the final.
  • Biathlon – Joe Markham upset perennial mini-winner Philippe Briaux in the final in Hakkaa Paalle.
  • Schwerpunkt’s Greatest Hits – Jason Eickmann beat Wes Vaughn in the final in Frankforce after downing Steve Linton a 2nd time for the week in the Semis in Burn Gurkha Burn.
  • Schwerpunkt’s Greatest Hits #2 – Doug Smith beat Mark Maynard in the finals.

Thursday Update:

Ten “Thursday Theme” tourneys kicked off with an even 80 avid ASLers gunning for greater Grofaz glory. Over 100 were in to start the day with many an open game going on as well. Thursday minis offer a free start to Grofaz play as the 2 finalists open Friday 2-0 in the Grofaz – the result of the mini final doesn’t count for the Grofaz (just greater glory) and neither do the opening 2 rounds if they result in a loss.

Thursday "Theme" Tourney Results

  • Night – Wes Vaughn overcame Dave Reenstra in “Repple Depples No More” thanks to vociferous amounts of ROF from both a MMG & HMG late in the game.
  • Deluxe – Peter Strujif knocked off Steve Tinsley in “Mayhem in Manilla” in a game which finished Friday morning.
  • Pacific – Doug Sheppard proved master of the jungle in knocking off Steve Linton in the finals in SP91 "Show a Little Guts!"
  • White Whale of ASL (AOO) – Hennie van der Salm overcame Tom Cvetinovich in 122 “Extracurricular Activity” to take the crown.
  • White Whale of ASL #2 – David Lamb knocked off defending Grofaz champ JR Tracy in SP's "Transylvania 6-5000".
  • Fighting for the Fatherland – Grognard Rob Banozic downed Tom Harper in SP135 "Tale of the Comet" to win the first ever mini he entered in ~20 years of ASLOK attendance.
  • CandyGram! – Craig Houliston beat Joe Celebuski in the final in "Lenin's Sons" from J7.
  • Sherman’s March – Steve Pleva buried Doug Kirk in the final, SP123 "The Badger's Breath" of a star studded mini as Doug had to overcome Mattias Ronnblom in the semis and Steve avenged last year’s loss to Paul Sidhu in the opening round and then bumped out Philippe Briaux in the semis.
  • Bigger is Better – Jim Taylor overcame Nelson Harris in "Blockbusting in Bokruisk" in a delayed final.
  • Fighting for the Fatherland #2 – Bob Bendis knocked off Alan Saltzman in a combo mini final/Grofaz 2-0 match of SP133 "Old Hickory's Path".
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