Congratulations to ASLOK XXII Champion Steve Pleva!
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Thanks to all ASLOK XXII attendees...

Congratulations to Steve Pleva for winning the Grofaz, all the other ASLers who placed in the Grofaz and/or won minis, plus all the ASLers who attended and had a grand time playing ASL!

First Place: Steve Pleva (7-0) [CT]
Second Place: John McDiarmid (6-1) [Ontario]
Third Place: J.R. Tracy (6-1) [NY]
Fourth Place: Mattias Ronnblom (6-1) [Sweden]
Fifth Place: Wes Vaughn (5-2) [AK]
Sixth Place: Bob Bendis (5-2) [IL]
USA vs World Cup
Overall: World 45 to US 23
World MVP: Steve Linton (10-0)
US MVP: Rich Domovic (3-0)
Wednesday "Mark Nixon" Minis
Theme Winner
Godzilla King of the Monsters: Ben Richardson
Fortress Europa: James Taylor
Gunned Up in the Desert: Rob Seulowitz
AARP ASLers: Randy Rossi
AARP ASLers #2: Randy Glesing
Khukuri Combat: Will Fleming
The Russians Are Coming: Robert Maglica
The Russians Are Coming #2: Steve Linton
Thursday Theme Tourneys
Theme Winner
Night: Lars Thuring
Deluxe: Wes Vaughn
Pacific: Mike LaPlante
Pacific #2: David Lamb
Pacific #3: James Taylor
Take No Prisoners!: Mattias Ronnblom
Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire: Steve Flicker
Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire #2: David Wardzala
Enemy at the Gates: Steve Pleva
Paper Tigers: Matt Book
Paper Tigers #2: Phil Pomerantz
Buckeye's Best Battles: Phil Palmer
Friday "Mark Nixon" Minis
Theme Winner
Best of the Best (Grofaz mini): Wes Vaughn
The Tipping Point (Grofaz mini): Steve Pleva
Land War in Asia: Darryl Lundy
Schwerpunkt 13: Paul Sidhu
Schwerpunkt 13 #2: Bill Cirillo
Turretless Terrors: Klas Malmstrom
Tincans & Popguns: Chas Argent
Tincans & Popguns #2: Paul Haseler
Rumble in the Rubble: Ray Woloszyn
Colonel Klink: Doug Smith
Dezign Pak: Jason Eickmann
Theme Winner
Rumble in the Jungle: Stan Jackson
Oh Canada: Bill Cirillo
Winter Wonderland: Jeff DeYoung
Shell-Shocked: Steve Linton
Shell-Shocked #2: Steve Flicker
Twilight of the Reich: Phillippe Briaux

Twilight of the Reich #2:

Chris Doary

Street Smarts:

Jim Aikens


ASLOK XXII has come, and mostly gone, as I start to type this on Sunday ~4PM there are still 6 games going including the battle for 4th, and Steve Pleva has garnered his 4th Grofaz title.  Attendance bumped up to 144 from 129 last year.  Thanks to everyone who attended this year - it's the players from far and wide that make ASLOK such a unique ASL experience.  2007 saw 20 foreign players register from 10 different countries plus the US.  Sweden and Canada led with 4, France had 3, while ANZAC forces mustered 4 w/3 from Australia.  The ASLers from all over the world descending on Cleveland the first week of October is what makes ASLOK such a special event.

ASLOK 2007 saw lots of new product released as Friendly Fire 3, Dezign Pak 3, Schwerpunkt 13, Rally Point 2, Break Contact 2 & Le Franc Tireur's "From the Cellar 2" all debut plus Critical Hit released Total Axis Pack I & Grossdeutschland at Stonne.  With the CH releases that puts the  new scenario count released at ASLOK in the 90s - which is one of the things that makes the ASLOK experience so unique.  Nowhere else do you see 50+ scenarios released simultaneously.  Many of the new scenarios saw frequent play during the tourney. 

Finally, thanks to everyone who stayed in the ASLOK hotel - as many of you are aware the convention space cost is made affordable by the number of rooms we book at the hotel during ASLOK week, your support in staying at the hotel is appreciated and makes ASLOK possible...

Monday Update:

Quick updates from ASLOK as we just achieved internet connectivity this morning.
  • 49 were through the door as of Monday night.
  • The World was up 24-15 thru Monday Night's World Cup matches. The American plan is to go 15-5 today to take the prize, but Linton won his first game of the day to force 15-4 on the Amis to cover...
  • Dave Ginnard & Diane were marvelous hosts for the first ASLOK cookout - attendance was around 20'ish Sunday w/17 ASLers I believe. A great time was had by all & the Ginnards put out a generous spread. The Euro contingent contributed some exotic alcohol & there was even an ASLOK XXII cake. My son loved roasting marshmallows on the fire & had a grand time as the youngest attendee...
  • Steve Linton is leading the World forces with an auspicious 9-0 mark over the Americans w/Philippe Briaux somewhere around 5-0 at last report.
  • Break Contact 2 is selling fast & getting a fair amount of play. I've heard at least two playings of the Monster scenario in it w/~44 IJA squads blitzing an Anzac held jungle hill w/around 18 squads which sounds like an adventure...
  • Friendly Fire 3 has also been getting a lot of play and has been well received. I played one from it last night (obviously an unbalanced dog since I lost) with 548 German Cavalry which was intriguing & should have high replayability thanks to a "Rally Point" VC which could radically alter the scenario depending on what hex is chosen.
  • Bob "the Grofaz" Bendis arrived yesterday along w/Jim Serafin to help defend the US honor in the cup.
  • Registration is up to 131 now, up 2 already over last year's final attendance. If walkup traffic is consistent w/the last couple years we should end up around 150'ish...

It's not too late for a Road Trip to greater Cleveland to be a part of the biggest ASL gathering in all the world...

Wednesday Update:


Wednesday "Mark Nixon" Mini Results

  • Godzilla King of the Monsters – Ben Richardson wins a close game of Hill 621 that went the distance.
  • Fortress Europa – James Taylor.

ASLOK XXII in Pictures:


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