Congratulations to ASLOK XXIII Champion Steve Pleva!  Now a 5 Time Grofaz Champ...
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Thanks to all ASLOK XXIII attendees...


First Place: Steve Pleva (7-0)  [CT]
Second Place: Bill Cirillo (6-1)  [VA]
Third Place: Neil Stanhagen (5-1)  [VA]
Fourth Place: Bob Bendis (5-1)  [IL]
Fifth Place: Gary Fortenberry (5-2)  [VA]
Sixth Place: Jason Eickmann (4-2)  [IN]
USA vs World Cup
Overall: World 23 to US 22
World MVP: Hennie van der Salm (6-3)
US MVP: Doug Sheppard (5-1)
Wednesday "Mark Nixon" Minis
Theme Winner
Godzilla King of the Monsters: Danny Stanhagen
Godzilla King of the Monsters #2: Paul Sidhu
Blazing Saddles: Matt Book
Blood on the Plow: Derek Cox
Rumble in the Jungle: Lee Conner
AARP ASLers: Randy Rossi
AARP ASLers #2: Randy Glesing
Flame On! Sponsored by Zippo: Jason Eickmann
Thursday Theme Tourneys
Theme Winner
Night: Randy Rossi
Deluxe: Bill Stoppel
Deluxe #2: James Taylor
Pacific: Darryl Lundy
Rumble in the Rubble: Jack Daniels
Bocage Busting: Chas Argent
Enemy at Gates: John McDiarmid
Street Smarts: Bill Cirillo
Wolverine!: Bob Holmstrom
Friday "Mark Nixon" Minis
Theme Winner
Best of the Best (Grofaz mini): Bill Cirillo
Rookie of the Year (Grofaz mini): Neil Stanhagen
Schwerpunkt 14: Robert Feinstein
Take No Prisoners: Chris Garrett
Industrial Revolution: Dave Lamb
King of the Jungle: Nelson Harris
Red Guards into the Fray: Danny Stanhagen
Red Guards into the Fray #2: Lee Conner
Big Cat Diary: Danny Stanhagen
Ruins of the Reich: Russ Hall vs. Jim Bishop
Theme Winner
Best New Artist: Bill Stoppel
The Emperor's Finest: Nelson Harris
Rain on the Scarecrow: Matt Book
Shell-Shocked: Hennie van der Salm
Shell-Shocked #2:  

Attack of the ANZACs:

Rich Domovic

Attack of the ANZACs #2:

Doug Smith

Terraforming 101:

Larry Zoet

ASL Starter Kit:

Dave Stephens

Mini Scenario Lists



Monday Update:

  • 50 have made an appearance to date.
  • Dave Ginnard's picnic was again well attended (~15 to 20 - I never got an official headcount) & Dave again had a nice spread of burgers, dogs & brawts. The exotic Swedish alcohol was in short supply, but beyond that a good time was had by all.
  • The World has gone 7-2 today (so far) to jump ahead by 6 games in the Standings on the US 15-9.
  • So far Doug Sheppard is the leading hope for the US at 4-0.
  • The US is rallying as I type as PJ Norton came in early to knock Phillippe Briaux down to 4-2 and threaten his World MVP hopes.
  • Hennie van der Salm is 5-1 for the World and looks to be the current front runner for World MVP.
  • At the end of play on Monday the World leads 16-12 as Peter Struijf knocked off Mark Pitcavage's Japanese in a tight game of "Tsunamai of Maniacs" from ESG.

Tuesday Update:

  • The US had closed to within 3, but Phillippe Briaux pulled out a tight win over Craig Houliston and David Wallace became the first World player to down Doug Sheppard to extend the world's margin to 5.
  • Not looking good for the US forces now, but McGrath & Bendis are both in and looking for World foes, the biggest question may be if the World forces can continue to duck them as they've done succesfully so far today...
  • US has closed it to 3 again at 19-16...
  • World 22, US 20...2 Games outstanding. Many are pondering what the shoot-out rules are in the event of a tie...

Wednesday Update:

  • The US staged a furious rally Tuesday, nearly doubling their win total from the prior 3 days combined to collect 10 wins, but...
  • Ken Mioduski gave David Wallace his first loss of World Cup play to bring the Americans w/i 1 game and spoil David's World MVP hopes.
  • The World just hung on to win their 6th straight World Cup 23-22 as Bruce Probst downed Dave Ginnard to clinch it for the world.
  • John Brock knocked off Nigel Blair in the last Cup match to bring the Americans within one for the tightest World Cup finish ever.
  • World MVP was Hennie van der Salm at 6-3 as Hennie narrowly edged perpetual bridesmaid Phillippe Briaux (5-3) & David Wallce (3-1).
  • Doug Sheppard cruised to the American MVP at 5-1 as the next best marks were Stan Jackson & Chas Argent at 2-1.
  • 8 full minis kicked off this morning promptly at 8AM...
  • Derek Cox, Tom Cvetinovich & Larry Zoet were the speedy victors in first round matches all finishing by 10:45.

Wednesday "Mark Nixon" Mini Results

  • Godzilla King of the Monsters: Danny Stanhagen's Germans over Doug Sheppard in VotG Storming the Station
  • Godzilla King of the Monsters #2: Paul Sidhu beats Steven Flicker as the Germans in VotG Storming the Station
  • Blazing Saddles: Mike Faulkner vs. Matt Book - Final Pending
  • Blood on the Plow: Derek Cox defeats Bill Stoppel
  • Rumble in the Jungle: Lee Conner knocks off Hennie van der Salm
  • AARP ASLers: Randy Rossi repeats as AARP champ defeating Rich Domovic
  • AARP ASLers #2: Randy Glesing also repeats as AARP #2 Champ edging fellow Indy ASLer Tommy Cvetinovich in Rocket's Red Glare as the Germans
  • Flame On! Sponsored by Zippo: Jason Eickmann burns Neil Stanhagen's Russians in Commando Schenke

Thursday Theme Results

  • Night: Randy Rossi reigns as King of the Night knocking off John Haughey
  • Deluxe: Bill Stoppel upsets Gary Fortenberry to claim dominance of the big hexes
  • Deluxe #2: James Taylor downs Burnie Fox
  • Pacific: Darryl Lundy defeats Dave Ginnard for PTO superiority
  • Rumble in the Rubble: Jack Daniels overcomes Eric Safran in the final
  • Bocage Busting: Chas "Bocage Action Pack" Argent knocks off Stan Jackson in Men Against Tanks from Beyond the Beachhead to claim the title - to Chas's credit 2 of the 3 he played were non-AP scenarios & all can feel good that the Bocage Action Pack guy actually does know bocage now.
  • Enemy at Gates: John McDiarmid reigns supreme in Stalingrad over Jim Aikens
  • Street Smarts: Bill Cirillo downs Bob Bendis for the crown
  • Wolverine!: Bob Holmstrom beats Guy Chaney in Brandenburger Bridgeovercomes Steve Pleva in a semi and follows it up by beating Guy Chaney in Brandenburger Bridge, a Rout Report Classic, in the final as Guy's Germans got trapped in the buildings on the far side and couldn't break back through in time.  Bob also overcame a "Murderer's Row of ASL" to win his mini as he knocked off David Lamb in round 1 & beat Steve Pleva in the semis before squaring off with Guy in the finals.  A truly impressive run of ASL.

Friday Update:

Current Grofaz update...

Best of the Best Grofaz mini:
  • Doug Sheppard over Eric Safran to move to 3-0
  • Bill Cirillo over John Haughey to move to 3-0 - now playing Doug in Urban Guerillas. Doug's German hopes depended on being able to ESB a halftrack going into the forward factory which Bill controlled, he needed a 6 which he just rolled & now hopes to rout the infantry out for the miracle rally and the Win...
  • Gary Fortenberry over Dave Ginnard
  • Bob Bendis over Peter Strujf in a nail-biter of Elephants Unleashed - Now playing Gary at 3-0 - Bob has the attacking Brits in Cold Crocs...

Rookie of the Year Grofaz mini:

  • Paul Sidhu over Bob Holmstrom in Round 1 in Cocktails for Molotov from Friendly Fire
  • Chas Argent beats Darryl Lundy
  • Wai-Kwong Wong over Steven Flicker
  • Neil Stanhagen beats Stan Jackson and is now playing Wai in a new Friendly Fire scenario
  • Paul Sidhu knocked off Chas Argent to be the first to get to 4-0 in the Grofaz Pursuing Frank - another new Friendly Fire

Non-mini Grofaz play:

  • Steve Pleva knocks off Ken Mioduski (2-1) to move to 3-0
  • Randy Rossi beats Mike Faulkner (0-0) to move to 3-0 and is now playing Gor-Gor in Under the Northern Lights from Friendly Fire
  • Jason Eickmann downed James Taylor to move to 3-0 and is awaiting the winner of...
  • Alan Saltzman & Guy Chaney are currently dueling in Perfected in battle which Alan just won
  • Ben Richardson (now 2-1) spoiled last year's runner-up John McDiarmid's Grofaz hopes with a stunning snakes in CC where only a 2 would win in FT107 Race at Longchamps

That's how the field is shaping up at the moment...

Attendance is at 132 and counting...

More Grofaz:

  • Bill Cirillo advances to 4-0 with a close win over Doug Sheppard in J1 Urban Guerillas. Bill's Russians were able to just overcome Doug's creative defense where he managed to break and rout hordes of SS across the bridge, but alas his halftrack gambit failed when the squad failed to rally, needing a 3 he foolishly rolled a 4. Bill faces the winner of Gary Fortenberry & Bob "tryin' to be the Grofaz again" Bendis tomorrow morning...
  • Neil Stanhagen is the 3rd to 4-0 narrowly beating Canada's last hope for Grofaz greatness, Wai-Kwong Wong in SP168 Muhlenkamp's Miracle. Neil's Russians just held on as he survived 3 turns in Melee and then withdrew for the win on the final turn when Wai needed an 8 for the win and only managed a 9 for the K.
  • Jason Eickmann has the US in RPT26 vs. Alan Saltman's Germans in a 3-0 Grofaz showdown...
  • Steve Pleva's Germans overcame Randy Rossi's Finns in Friendly Fire's new Under the Northern Light to move to 4-0 and is awaiting the winner of the Jason Eickmann vs. Alan Saltzman matchup...

Attendee AARs

ASLOK XXIII in Pictures:


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